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The following people are serving or have served as archivists. On behalf of all who use this bibliography, we thank them for their contributions.
Julian BAMFORD Bunkyo University   [1999-2009]
Meng Huat CHAU University of Malaya chaumenghuatyahoo.co.uk [2002-]
Imogen Custance
Clint Denison
Francisca Maria Ivone University of Malang, Indonesia gmjacobspacific.net.sg [1998-]
George M JACOBS JF New Paradigm Education francisca.maria.fsum.ac.id [2023-]
Jason LOH National Institute of Education, Singaporejkklohgmail.com [2009-2010]
Stuart McLean Osaka, Japan beso293hotmail.com [20142023-]
Scott MILES Dixie State University scottmiles67yahoo.com [2010-]
Willy A RENANDYA National Institute of Education willy.renandyanie.edu.sg [1998-]
Thomas N ROBB Kyoto Sangyo University trobbcc.kyoto-su.ac.jp [2000-]
Jane RUSSELL OISE, University of Toronto   [2002-2004]
Peter VINEY Freelance writer peterviney.uk.com [2010-]
Rob WARING Notre Dame Seishin University waring_robertyahoo.com [2006-]

If you are interested in becoming an archivist or finding out more, contact webmaster Tom Robb at trobb@cc.kyoto-su.ac.jp

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